The Bhaktaranjini Commentary


In the early thirties of the twentieth century, a Malayalam commentary on  “SRIMAD NARAYANEEYAM” entitled "Bhaktaranjini " was  published. It was authored by the late Brahmasri Mahopadhyaya  K.G. Vancheswara Sastry  and the late Brahmasri Mahopadhyaya  R. Viswanatha Sastry, both eminent Sanskrit scholars who lived in the erstwhile State of Travancore, now part of Kerala. Written vividly and exhaustively in lucid style in highly sanskritised Malayalam overflowing with Bhakti, this book had attracted letters of appreciation from innumerable number of devotees and intellectual giants of that era, such as Kavitilakan Kottarathil Sankunny, Mahakavi Ulloor Parameswara Iyer and Punnasseri Nambi Neelakanta Sarma.  This testifies to the scholarliness of the authors, the excellent literary quality, the high devotional fervour and the sense of dedication that animated the work.


Both the authors of the Bhaktaranjini commentary had acquired the highest qualification of Mahopadhyaya available at that time, had specialised in Nyaya and Vedanta, and were well-versed in grammar. The commentary for the first fifty dasakams was written by Brahmasri Vancheswara Sastry and the second fifty, by Brahmasri Viswanatha Sastry. 


This commentary was out of print for more than 60 years.  Recently, a reprint was published by Akash Publications, P.O Box 5094, Thiruvananthapuram - 695023.


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